Domestic Affairs

1969 Chevrolet Camaro Pace Car Convertible

Authentic, “no excuses” cars hold their value even in a down market, and this result bore that out, with fierce bidding from the outset {vsig}2009-4_2308{/vsig} This rare 1969 Chevrolet Camaro RS/SS NASCAR Pace Car finished in Dover White with Deluxe Blue Comfort Weave interior features its original matching-numbers 396-ci big-block […]

Restoration 101

I’ve seen $2,500 air filters, a $35,000 exhaust, $5,000 plug wires, $10,000 batteries, and $50,000 original tires {vsig}2008-12_2257{/vsig} It’s a common misconception that domestic cars are cheap and easy to restore. Unfortunately, many people have found out too late that this is not true. Let’s face facts: Most restorations are […]

Back to the Future-and Step on It

The Challenger is a surprisingly solid car, far better than the class-leading Mustang. And yes, it will do a smokey burnout {vsig}2008-11_2244{/vsig} Chrysler’s latest entrant into the “retro-muscle” wars, the new Dodge Challenger, has been burning up Internet car chat forums and magazine covers since its introduction. It’s a car […]

Triumphs of the Will

As Triumph TR prices lag behind Austin-Healeys, determined, well-advised collectors can find bargains {vsig}2008-10_2232{/vsig} The big news in British cars over the past ten years has been the rapid rise in prices for Austin-Healeys-from $25,000 to $75,000 for very nice cars, with a few magnificent ones bringing $100,000 plus. By […]

America’s Difference-Makers

If somebody out there has a GT40 and a Daytona Coupe in the same garage, please, let me live there. I promise to take good care of your cars {vsig}2008-9_2219{/vsig} To celebrate SCM’s 20th birthday, I hereby offer my take on a Top 20 list. The criteria were simple: I […]

The Dandy Griffith

Unlike the environmentally conscious, fuel-sipping, ultra-low emissions, and utterly boring “hybrid” cars of today, a whole different group deserved that name in the 1960s. They consisted of European sports cars that fell into the hands of cottage industry “manufacturers,” which took Italian and British sports car sophistication (or lack thereof) […]

Fangs for the Memories

The Shelby influence is very much evident on the Viper, and he is considered one of the car’s “four fathers” {vsig}2008-7_2194{/vsig} The discontinuation of several Chrysler models to help stop the corporation’s financial bleeding is no secret. Rumors abound about Dodge’s Viper being on this list, and numerous Dodge “insiders” […]

Trans Am: The Beat Goes On

These homologation specials are among the most enjoyable muscle cars- they can actually dance, rather than just run fast {vsig}2008-6_2181{/vsig} From humble beginnings, by the late 1960s, the Trans-American Sedan Championship Series grew into one of the most popular events in SCCA history. Conceived as a sedan racing class for […]

The Lost Generation

Pontiac Firebird SD, Buick Grand National GNX, Mustang 5.0­-highlights of the muscle flexed in ’70s and ’80s Detroit {vsig}2008-5_2168{/vsig} The American collectible car contingent has long argued over when the “real” cars stopped rolling out of Detroit. Collectible prices indicate Detroit’s muscle atrophied with astonishing speed after 1971. What followed […]

Scottsdale Muscle Still Buffed

I fully expected Scottsdale to result in a dismal showing for muscle car prices. I couldn’t have been more wrong Last year’s Arizona auctions proved that we were indeed due for a well deserved and most predictable “adjustment” in many segments of the muscle car market. As such, 2007 brought […]