How Much Home Remodeling Can a Renter Do?

When you’re renting an apartment, condo, or home, there are certain terms and conditions that you must abide by to live there. If you were to remodel the home without permission, you could violate your lease. However, every landlord is different and ultimately, they have the final say of what you can and cannot do. Most renters are able to remodel the space to a very mild degree. Below, you will find some of the things that you can do to remodel a home even if you’re just renting. These are things that most landlords will accept because they don’t drastically change the space.

Hang mirrors, coat racks or paintings on the wall

Generally, you can hang just about anything that you’d like on the walls. These are one of the few exceptions that landlords make for their tenants. After all, you can always cover up the holes and paint over them before you move out. If you’re looking for ideas then mirrors, coat racks and paintings are popular items for a renter. They allow you to customize the space and add your own sense of design to the home, without changing anything that would be upsetting to the landlord.

Some landlords allow tenants to repaint

Landlords are more likely to allow a tenant to repaint when you sign into a longer lease. If you have committed to a 12 month or longer lease, it’s likely that you will be allowed to paint. This is a great remodeling opportunity because it means that you can add life and color to the space. You may be restricted to certain colors, such as earth tones and neutral colors, but it’s still an opportunity to customize the space to your liking.

Repainting Home Remodeling

Be sure to talk with your landlord before doing a large remodel

Most landlords do not allow renters to change out flooring, countertops, cupboards or any other fundamental feature to the home. These are big changes and if they aren’t done to the landlords expectations, it could cost them a great deal of money to change it back. This is why most landlords do not approve large remodels. However, if the apartment, condo, or home is in need of some TLC, your landlord might be open to the customizations. Sometimes landlords are more lenient when they know that the space needs to be updated and they are not able to do it themselves.

Before doing a large remodel to a home that you are renting, be careful of how much money you spend. Remember that you do not own the home so any changes that you make will be lost when you move out. Remodeling a home that you are renting only makes economic sense when you are doing slight customizations and changes. You want the space to be comfortable and inviting, but you don’t want to overspend. When you remodel a home that you own, you are able to sell the property at some point in time and hopefully make a profit. However, when renting, you don’t have the ability to sell, so you have to be careful when spending money.

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