For the Extra Nostalgic

Cardboard Storage Boxes

Cardboard Storage Boxes

If you have ever seen comedian George Carlin, there is no doubt you have heard his famous routine about having a place to keep your stuff.

If you are the type to hold on to every little scrap of paper you come across because it has nostalgic value, chances are you will want to keep it. Perhaps that ticket stub from a 1970s baseball game carries memories because you saw your favorite hitter for the first time. Maybe you have a ticket stub from a May 1977 showing of Star Wars, from the first weekend the film was out.

When, if ever, is the moment you realize that you have too much stuff? What do you do with it? People with the “pack rat” mentality will want to keep every last thing, but that might not be practical if you have too much stuff to keep. This involves going through the things you have kept and deciding what is good to save and what can be thrown out without causing too much pain.

If throwing items away is your only option then separate your stuff into piles. Chances are what you thought was an item to keep 10 years ago might be something disposable now. After you separate items into piles and look at the pile to keep, the odds are it will be smaller and more manageable than before.

If the idea of disposing items makes you cry, throwing things away is not the only decision you can make. There are other things to do with nostalgic items that will preserve those memories. Find a place to keep the items. Put them in a Raleigh, NC storage facility (or a facility in the city where you live). If the items mean that much to you, then an extra $30 or $40 a month will provide peace of mind to you and your family.

Storage facility becomes one of great solutions for solving home improvement problems. Of course you can realize how messy your house is if there are too many unmanageable odds inside the house. While throwing the odds away is impossible to do, you are strongly suggested to use this service to improve your house performance and keep the memory at the same time.

Can’t afford to keep the items? If you have something valuable, the chances are someone else might think the same. That baseball ticket or concert ticket may have value to a collector. Have a garage sale or a special sale to get rid of your items. When items are bought, chances are you and the buyer will have fun talking about the item and exchanging memories.

As a last resort, maybe you decide you can’t part with anything. That’s an option considered perfectly acceptable by many. If the items mean a lot to you, then keep them. Make sure your children know the intrinsic value of the nostalgic collection and that you do not want it sold. Years from now, your children will have the same fun searching through the items with their children.

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