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Stone Flooring Ideas

Stone Flooring Ideas

Stone flooring ideas should be one of your considerations while planning to remodel the floor inside your house. Most people probably say the cost of stone flooring project is too high. Well, in the past this statement probably true because of the difficulty of mining and processing the stone until it was ready to be used for flooring project. So, commonly only the rich people can afford the beauty of stone in their house.

Thanks to high tech development that can make mining and manufacturing process of stone flooring becomes more efficient, so the cost can be reduced significantly. If you have a plan to renewing the floor in your house please check the possibility of using stone material for getting amazing performance. Installing tile flooring is probably cheaper than stone material, but if you have some spare budget for this stone flooring option, why not?

The Advantages of Natural Stone Flooring Ideas

Natural Stone Flooring Ideas

Natural Stone Flooring Ideas

Just like other flooring material, stone flooring ideas provide us special advantages for generating a comfy home. Understanding the benefits of stone flooring may give you inspiration to use it in your home remodeling project. Here are some benefits that you can get:

1) Adding the Beauty of Your House

Natural stone like Sandstone, Limestone, marble, granite, travertine, and slate will produce cozy performance that will attract your guests while entering the rooms. Marble can be excellent kitchen flooring ideas. Even you can find a lot of modern looks ideas, natural nuance is always be one of popular ideas in home remodeling project.

2) Providing Long Lasting Durability

Well, you have already known this fact. It means installing stone flooring will be great investment for your house.

Important Things on Stone Flooring Ideas

Natural Stone Flooring Options

Natural Stone Flooring Options

You have understood about the benefits from installing stone flooring, but after the project has finished, you must know exactly how to maintain your stone floor. Proper maintenance will keep the beauty of your floor. Here are some important aspects for maintaining this floor:

1) Watch out of harmful grit

Putting a dust mat outside the door is a must. You can provide better protection by adding dust mat inside the door. Take off your outdoor shoes before entering the room to avoid negative impact of harmful grit onto your floor.

2) Do proper cleansing

Choose neutral cleanser with 7-8 pH value and follow the instruction precisely. Do not use home remedies like vinegar or lemon juice for cleansing stone floor. Over-mopping or too strong concentration may harm your stone floor. You should also remember to rinse the floor after washing it.

3) Fast Reaction on Acidic Spill

If some wine accidently spills onto the floor, please clean it right away to avoid staining process. Never ignore small stain, clean it with poultice stain remover.

4) Check the sealer regularly

If your floor uses a coating type sealer please check the sealer condition every 6 to 12 months but if you apply an impregnator every 12 to 24 months.

Now you have realized that your floor needs good maintenance in order to get maximum benefit from stone flooring ideas.

Natural Stone Flooring Ideas for Kitchen

Natural Stone Flooring Ideas for Kitchen

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