Considering Bamboo Flooring for Creating Amazing House Performance

The Overview of Bamboo Flooring

Strand Woven Bamboo Flooring ProblemsBamboo flooring is one of amazing flooring options that you can consider for refreshing your house performance. It is the best choice if you are the big fans of “back to nature” or eco-friendly products. Do you know that this plant is a type of grass? Even though bamboo has strong durability just like maple, it is not a solid hardwood material. Just like other grass plants, bamboo can grow fast after the harvesting. No wonder if many people claim bamboo as great renewable source for flooring.

Using bamboo will create natural nuance inside your house. Just like other flooring material you can also find various type of bamboo for your flooring project. You can consider vertical or horizontal style, natural or carbonized type or strand woven bamboo flooring. Bamboo can be ideal choice for kitchen flooring ideas. In order to get maximum benefit you should avoid installing this material in the bathroom, enclosed veranda, or sauna. Make sure you know the right method for maintaining this floor so you can enjoy the beauty of bamboo inside your house for a long time.

The Benefits of Bamboo Flooring

1) Great Durability

You may be surprised while reading the fact about bamboo material for flooring. This material is harder than most of hardwood material. The strength rating of bamboo is higher than maple and almost double than red oak rating. You want to get strong and long lasting floor, please think about bamboo.

2) Great Aesthetic Value

Natural appearance of bamboo has attracted many people to use this material while doing home remodeling project. Tight grain and uniform natural light color of bamboo can be matched easily with other equipments. If you want darker color on the floor you can choose carbonized bamboo. While reading strand woven bamboo flooring review you will find that this type has very unique appearance. Other advantages, you won’t get strand woven bamboo flooring problems on durability because the compression process.

3) Great Environmental Value

Bamboo is a grass type plant. Commonly it needs 5 years for achieving maturity level of 50 feet high. In other side hardwoods need at least 30 years for achieving maturity level, even some types of tree need over 200 years. Bamboo is renewable resource so it will grow again after harvesting.

Important Points on Bamboo Flooring

Strand Woven Bamboo Flooring ReviewBefore using this material for your flooring project, you should understand some important aspects like mentioned below:

1) Decide the place where you will install this material. You should avoid excessive moisture condition. Even bamboo has good moisture resistance the extreme condition will cause damage on it.

2) Consult with the expert about the best product for your house. While purchasing it, please make sure you are well informed about the term and conditions, warranty aspect, and proper installation instructions.

3) Check the condition of all bamboo planks inside the boxes and then let them “acclimate” at your house area by opening all boxes.

4) Before installing this floor, please make sure the subfloor is dry and clean.

5) Make sure you have good knowledge about how to maintain the bamboo flooring.

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