Bamboo Flooring – Things that You Should Know

Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo Flooring

Are you interested to learn about bamboo flooring? You are not alone because there are a lot of people that have great appreciation on this option for their house including as kitchen flooring ideas. In the past hardwood material had become popular choice among people, but since they realize that they need forest as the lung of the earth, people start to search other options for replacing the utilization of hardwood material.

Bamboo – The Renewable Resources for Flooring Project

People try to discover other eco-friendly material for flooring but they still want to enjoy natural performance or nuance inside their house. Bamboo become one of good alternatives because it can grow fast and live at many places around the world, so we do not find any difficulties to harvest and produce bamboo flooring.

Moso bamboo (one of bamboo species that is used for flooring) can grow amazingly about 78.5 feet only in 40-50 days. This plant achieves its maturity in 3-5 years. It can be great solution for replacing hardwood material that needs 20-120 years to mature. Have you know other amazing facts about bamboo? We don’t have to replant after harvesting because the roots will sprout new bamboo tree. The bamboo roots also can prevent soil erosion. Now you have understood why bamboo flooring ideas become so popular among people who love eco-friendly products.

Production Process of Bamboo Flooring

First, the outer layer of bamboo is removed and then it is cut into “fillet” (lengthwise strips). The next step is refining the fillets to compress them. This process produces excess material that still can be used in the production process of “strand woven bamboo flooring”. Natural moisture of the bamboo is removed by drying procedure. After getting dried those fillets will be boiled and glued together. This step will create more solid and dependable surface for flooring project. In order to make them more durable, those bamboos must undergo final compression procedure. Each fillet is also completed by tongue and groove element to ease the installation process.

During the gluing process, the manufacturer can create different pattern which is known as horizontal bamboo flooring or vertical bamboo flooring. Both of them can provide amazing natural performance for your floor. Just see some photographs of bamboo flooring and decide the most suitable pattern for your house. Whatever your choices, you will get durable flooring material with great natural nuance by applying bamboo flooring.

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