Tiled Showers, See How It Changes Your Boring Bathroom

Tiled Showers

Tiled Showers

It’s common to have tiled showers at home. People usually set up a special place within the bathroom as shower area where they’ll place tiles over the area. Other places inside the bathroom may have different kind of flooring, but tiles are the most suitable materials for shower floors. It is the most popular choice among people who plan bathroom remodels job.

Reasons to Have Tiled Showers

Why people have tiled showers stalls? Tiles provide lots of benefits when used inside the bathroom. The benefits are:

  • Tiles are smooth and easy to clean. When people use showers to take a bath, they also use soap or shampoo that will be mixed into the water. Just by having that combination alone, the tiles will stay clean without people have to do any special cleaning period.
  • Tiles are resistant to water. Although they often get constant pressure from the water spray, they won’t damage easily.
  • The tiles are cool and cold. When people have warm bathing water, they can balance it with cool tiles so that they have refreshing bathing moment.
  • Nowadays tiles are available in different structure and surface. There are bathroom showers tiles that come in pebbles or small rock designs. They’re built and designed to provide more natural feeling in the bathroom. These tiles are good for increasing artistic value of the bathroom.

Maintaining Clean and Hygienic Tiled Showers

It’s not difficult to maintain and take care of the tiled showers. These bathroom shower enclosures are easy to clean, but the main problem usually lies in the cement grout. When people install tiles, they usually use cement to attach the tiles firmly. The grout between each tile will soon cause problems because it easily washes away. Moreover, if people don’t clean the shower area properly, the grout can be great place for mold to grow. That’s why people should have regular cleaning activity to prevent such thing. Once the mold grows, it won’t be easily cleaned off. In order to keep the tiles stay in good condition, people only need to do these simple things:

  • Always clean the tiles after they take a bath. People only need to use soft towel or cloth to dry the tiles. Not only the drying process will make the tiles stay in good condition, but it will also prevent the mold growth.
  • Don’t use harsh chemical solution to clean the tiles. Chemical solvent will only damage the tiles.
  • Only use water to clean the tiles. Soapy water will make the tiles slippery.

Tiled showers are surely good to increase the artistic value of the bathroom. But people need to always clean the tiles regularly in order to make the tiles last long. After all, it’s not difficult to maintain tiled showers.

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