Painting Bathroom Tile – How to Paint the Tiles Correctly

Painting bathroom tile is one of bathroom remodels techniques that will add the beauty of your bathroom. Most bathrooms are using tiles, and after several times the house owners get bored with their bathroom tiles. Replacing the tiles with the new ones need a lot of money so people try to discover the other way to refreshing the bathroom tiles. Some of them choose to paint their bathroom tiles for creating a new performance. If you have the same mission, you may consider painting bathroom tile for creating better bathrooms.

The Advantages of Painting Bathroom Tile

As mentioned above painting bathroom tile floor is an effective for creating a new bathroom performance. You can create painting bathroom tile by yourself if you have enough capability. All you have to do is picking the right painting stuffs and following the bathroom tile painting process properly. It will save a lot of money because you do not have to spend money for hiring the expert. But if you are not sure to finish the painting bathroom tile alone you should let the professional do the project.

Painting bathroom tile can make your bathroom looks more personal because you can decide the tile motif and design just like your desire. You should explore your creativity and create amazing bathroom tile designs that no one has it. Painting bathroom tile will amaze your guest while they are entering your bathroom. You can combine some motif or design as you wish. Applying painting bathroom tile allows the house owners to get freedom on expressing their desire.

The Steps on Painting Bathroom Tile

Even painting bathroom tile has some advantages, many people will think twice before applying this method. They are afraid that this project cannot be done successfully. You have definitely know that bathroom is continuously experienced water exposure, so you should choose the area of painting bathroom tile carefully in order to keep the performance of your painted tile.

Here are some steps that you must follow on painting bathroom tile process:

  • The first step of painting bathroom tile is cleaning the area with kitchen rubber and sugar soap or 50% ammonia in water for removing the soap stain.
  • After the cleaning process is done completely, you should smear primer paint on tiles. Use tiles primer, glass primer, or problem-solving primer like Zinsser’s latex-based Bulls Eye 1-2-3. Let the paint about 24 hours until it dry and rub down the surface and clean it.
  • Now you can start applying the top coat in two or more thin layers. Please wait about 5 – 6 hours before applying the next layer and rub down lightly by using sandpaper. You are strongly suggested to use oil base paints.
  • Remember after applying the top coat of painting bathroom tile, you must avoid the water exposure about two weeks.

Now you can start to paint your bathroom tiles. Painting bathroom tile is one of bathroom tile designs that you can choose. Besides painting bathroom tile you still have many options like subway tile bathroom ideas, etc. As long as you can do the project properly you can get amazing painting bathroom tile.

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