The installation of Bathroom Mirror

Bathroom reflects not only the practical elements, allowing you to shave, makeup, pluck your eyebrows or hair in the bathroom as well as decorative pieces. Mirrors can reflect a strategic point of view outside your window or inside your bathroom as attractive piece of furniture bathroom sink and faucet or accessories such as a vase of flowers or a group ? ? more candles, enhanced their sense of place . They may also reflect light, cast shadow on the corners and make the room seem lighter and bigger.

A bathroom mirror lighting is especially useful in a small bathroom or sad enough, because the lights are important to ensure that lights up the front and its own reflection to see perfectly without a shadow of the overhead lights. Lights are often defined in a way that they are an attractive pattern on a mat or panel or panels to create a mild function of the mirror.

Illuminated vanity mirrors come in several what size, and the light is different. Some have colored lights, white. Some may have LEDs light, the others have another way to reduce lighting energy-efficient. Although LEDs are more expensive to buy and replace, which is more efficient and last a long time, which ?? l probably an important option for your pocket and the planet.

Bathroom mirrors all the layers “of protection (IP) grading degree of protection IP 44 or higher means you lit mirror bathroom situation anywhere in the bathroom, but in reality the field bath or shower. For placing a mirror shine here, we need to design a low voltage and total immersion proof (IP67 or higher) mode.

A popular option to consider if you’re considering buying a bathroom mirror, bathroom mirror cabinet. These are useful pieces of furniture bathroom if you have a lot of space in the bathroom, if you are not only the reflective surface on the wall, but also a little storage space is useful for their produce and products hygiene.

When installing the mirror, first select the area, and make sure not to risk hole all the electrical wiring in the wall of your bathroom. Think about things like the direction of natural light (unless you have a mirror bright) and easy to use every day when deciding where to place the mirror. Make sure ? ? that you are satisfied with the location of the mirror, first to keep himself and get close to use, ask someone else to maintain the same position you look further away, to measure the way that appears associated with the rest of your bathroom. From level to ensure that the mirror is curved, light and identify the location of the four corners of the wall as a guide to drill holes increased.

To make the mounting holes, measure carefully first, and then look at their size – rather than drilling. Be careful if you drill through the tiles are not breaking the tiles: a drill hard and light weight for a longer period during the drilling gives a greater chance of piercing the security hole that the use of brute force . If your walls are made of bricks or blocks under your cast, you need to insert the plug into holes in the wall for not screws, wooden plaque. Be sure to drill in the most difficult part of the wall to increase its resistance Mirrors: no drilling in the mortar between the stones or wooden blocks between the drywall provides a satisfactory arrangement for the screw.

Depending on the power for lighting in a clear mirror may have to wire the mirror. Alternatively, it can be powered by internal batteries and no electrical work required during installation. Please note all electrical work in the home always be done by a licensed electrician, so make sure that you hire a professional for installation, if you buy a mirror power so bright.

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