How to Clean Bathroom Tiles Properly – Step by Step Guides for You

How to Clean Bathroom Tiles

How to clean bathroom tiles is an important knowledge that you must know for keeping your bathroom tiles in a good condition. It is necessary because you have given big effort for replacing the bathroom tiles and the good maintenance will allow you enjoying the beauty of your new bathroom for a long time. Of course you do not want to waste the time and money that you have spend on selecting the right bathroom tile designs for creating better bathrooms. It is the reason why you should understand how to clean bathroom tiles ideas.

How to Clean Bathroom Tiles – The Importance of the Cleaning Process

The tiles are perfect for bathroom area because they have great durability, high absorption rate, and easy to clean. Bathroom area especially around the shower is a place that must experience water exposure continuously. Tiles with their water resistant specification become the first choice while people are building the bathrooms. The various designs and styles of the bathroom tiles will produce amazing bathroom looks such as ceramic, porcelain or painting bathroom tile. You should practice how to clean bathroom tiles properly to keep the bathroom performance.

Many people do not know how to clean bathroom tiles properly. They used various chemical cleansers that may too strong for the bathroom tiles. Improper cleansing agent can cause damage on the bathroom tiles. It is the importance of the knowledge of how to clean bathroom tiles. Your effort on flooring remodel project will be useless if you initiate the damage on the bathroom tiles by using incorrect cleansing agent.

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Step by Step How to Clean Bathroom Tiles

After realizing the importance of how to clean bathroom tiles, you should improve your knowledge on tiles cleansing process. Here are several steps of how to clean bathroom tiles. You can clean the bathroom tiles correctly by following these steps below:

  • First, you should disinfect the bathroom by using a proper disinfectant. Read the direction of the product carefully because each product has particular method. And then you can clean the disinfectant by sponge or a squeegee. This step will kill the germ and bacteria on the bathroom tiles.
  • Second, you should clean the bathroom from mold and mildew using the bleaching agent. Let the bleach contact with the mold for about 30 minutes and scrub it with sponge.
  • Third, you can make the bathroom tiles shiny by using regular car wax. Apply a thin layer on the tiles for keeping the tiles clean and shiny.

How to Clean Bathroom Tiles Naturally

Those are steps on how to clean bathroom tiles for the tiles that have not been cleaned for several times so you must clean germ and mold. Actually you do not have to do those steps if you have done regular cleaning process every day. Wiping down the shower after every use is a simple action that will keep the shower area clean and shiny. So, clean the bathroom tiles regularly after use is the best method on how to clean bathroom tiles.

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