How to Choose the Right Shower for Your Bathroom

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If you plan to work with your bathroom showers remodels, you must understand that there are various kinds of shower at the market. Besides the style and function, commonly each type of bathroom showers is designed for different water heating system. You should know exactly the type of your boiler system before selecting the best shower.

In general we can divide household water heating system in two types; traditional boiler and combination boiler. In traditional water heating system, there is separate boiler for heating the water and then the hot water will be stored in a water tank. More than 50% of UK homes use combination water heating system. It tends to be more popular than traditional type because it has several advantages.

Combination boiler is ideal choice for small family. They do not need to heat a full tank of water twice a day. Combination heating system allows people to heat the water only when they needed hot water. But you must wait for a while until the heating process is done. Other benefit that you can get from combination boiler system is high flow rate of water. This condition is designed for pressured water system. It is also a budget-friendly boiler system because it only heats the water on our demand.

Make sure you choose suitable shower that can work properly in your boiler system. Incompatible shower will only make you feel disappointed. Mixer shower need adequate water pressure to generate powerful stream. So do not choose this type of shower if the water pressure in your house is low. You may solve this problem by using a power shower that is completed with a pump which can boost the water flow. But you should realize that a power shower needs a lot of water (about three times than ordinary mixer shower).

What about electric shower? It is a kind of shower which has heating element within shower housing that is installed into cold water supply. In this system the water will be heated while passing the element. You can enjoy hot shower anytime you want it. If you are looking for a shower with great economical value, electric shower is an ideal option.

At the market you can also find digital shower. This type can be programmed in order to comfort your life. Some people program to run the shower before they get up in the morning, so while entering the bathroom they will get ideal temperature of the water.

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