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Bathroom wall paneling is one of many ways for improving the bathroom looks. Each method has its own advantages and disadvantages so you must decide the most suitable method depend on your need, desire, and condition.  You must have been familiar with the bathroom tiles as a common bathroom wall covering. Bathroom tiles are great for covering the bathroom wall because tiles have great durability against water exposure and easy to clean up. You may wonder why many people are so interested with bathroom wall paneling.

The Advantages of Bathroom Wall Paneling

Here are several benefits that are offered by bathroom wall paneling for creating better bathrooms:

  • Using bathroom wall paneling is cost effective because many of them are cheaper than the bathroom tiles.
  • Applying bathroom wall panels is saving the maintenance cost. These panels do not break of like the bathroom tiles and will not get damage against water contact like wallpaper so you should not spend extra fund for replacing them.
  • Bathroom wall paneling help you getting a hygienic bathroom area because the mold or mildew cannot grow on them.
  • The bathroom panels are easy to clean so you do not need chemical cleaners that may harm your health condition. You also do not have to prepare extra budget for buying special cleaner agent.
  • Bathroom wall paneling provide great durability because the bathroom panels are waterproof and do not chip easily.
  • The installation process of bathroom wall paneling is easier than bathroom tiling.

As mentioned above bathroom wall paneling is not so difficult to install. If you have already had existing bathroom wall you may consider to install the bathroom panels by yourself and cut the budget for hiring the professional. You should prepare the equipments for this bathroom wall paneling project such as: the wall panels, molding, and knife capable of cutting panels, nails, and hammer.

How to Do Bathroom Wall Paneling

Here are the steps for doing bathroom wall paneling. If you have enough capability you can follow these steps to do bathroom wall paneling by yourself.

  • First you must choose the appropriate panels for your bathroom wall paneling project by considering the wall space and your bathroom design. Pick the ones that are strong enough against moisture and steam exposure.
  • While the replacing old bathroom wall is needed, please make sure you remove the drywall or sheetrock.
  • Take the measurements of the bathroom wall paneling space including the wall height and the space between the wall stud centers.
  • Cut the bathroom panels with the knife with the size that fit to the available space that you have been measured.
  • You must nail the bathroom panels to the studs. Each stud can keep two panels.
  • Add the molding to the line of stitching, and then paint with the match for your bathroom

It can create an attractive bathroom. At the market you will see countless types and designs of wall panels so you won’t find difficulties while choosing the best panels for your bathroom wall. Internet connection can help us finding the local store that provides wall panels. You can search bathroom wall paneling UK in cyber world and get information that you need. Now you have understood why many people decide to remodel their bathroom by using bathroom wall paneling.

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