Bathroom Shower Stalls; Functions and Benefits

Bathroom Shower Stalls

Bathroom Shower Stalls

Bathroom shower stalls are basically just the same as shower enclosure. People have different term when they’re referring to the shower enclosure. Some people may say showers stall; while others may say walk in showers. However, the basic principle is just the same. They commonly determine the bathroom showers designs and then choose the right shower according to their desired bathroom design.

Concept and Functionality of Bathroom Shower Stalls

Why do several people call the shower enclosure as bathroom shower stalls? For them, having the enclosure is just the same as having stalls or partition. The most basic and most regular layout of the shower stall is when people have a regular side tub with a shower head above it and slide shower curtain. That’s the basic design most people usually had at home. But as time passes by, people realize that the shower curtain doesn’t offer much protection against the powerful water spray. Maybe while the curtain is one, it’s able to hold water drops. But as soon as people start to move it or slide it, the water drops will fall to the floor and still make quite a mess. That’s why, not many people have this type of bathroom showers anymore today. When they have shower stalls, they can be sure that the water will remain on the wet area and won’t go to the dry sector. After all, when they have the stalls, they will definitely bring something different to the bathroom atmosphere.

Bathroom Shower Stalls Placement and Bathroom Layout

People often think that they need to provide big and wide space for installing the bathroom shower stalls. It’s not completely true, actually. They can still install shower stall in small size bathroom. They only need to be careful and plan everything before doing any installation project. If they want to have shower enclosure, they need to think about:

  • The bathroom size and the enclosure size. If they have small size bathroom, they can install small size enclosure that is only enough for one person.
  • The enclosure placement and location. A lot of people choose to install the enclosure on the corner of the bathroom corner. But if they have better idea, which won’t make the bathroom become cramped and crowded, they can also do it.
  • The bathroom shower stalls designs. Some people choose regular and plain enclosure, which is usually made of glass. If they want more complicated or intricate design, they may have to spend more money.
  • The enclosure installation. Can they install it on their own or do they need to hire builder service?

If they have thought about everything – including about the budget they have – they can start the bathroom remodels project immediately. People have realize that to increase the value of the bathroom can be done through having bathroom shower stalls.

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