5 Bathroom Remodeling Tips to Stay on a Budget

Shower Wall Tile

Shower Wall Tile

When you’re remodeling a bathroom, you need to follow bathroom remodeling tips so that you can stay on a budget. Bathrooms can get expensive very quickly. If you’re doing the remodel yourself, be prepared to uncover some things that you weren’t prepared for. Often times, when homeowners dive into a bathroom remodel, they discover costly repairs that have to get fixed right away. This could be water damage behind the shower, faulty plumbing, or shoddy work by the previous homeowner.

Remodel the cabinets, don’t replace them!

If you have wood cabinets in the bathroom but they aren’t looking their best, consider remodeling them instead of doing a complete replacement. Bathroom cabinets can be extremely costly and replacing them will eat up the budget unless you consider an alternative solution. Remodeling bathroom cabinets is actually quite simple. To get started, you just need a sander, screwdriver, and a can of stain. Start by removing the cabinets from the base and take them to an environment that’s okay to get messy. Sand each cabinet down to bare wood and you’ll be able to apply a coat of stain. The stain should completely restore the cabinets and they may even look brand new again.

Check the drywall first

Showers and baths can get water damage quite easily. The most prominent spot for water damage in a bathroom is within the drywall. It’s a good idea to dive into this portion of the remodel first. If there is any water damage discovered, you can budget yourself for the rest of remodel appropriately. If drywall replacement is necessary, be sure to use water resistant drywall instead of the standard stuff. It will last much longer and it’s specifically made for bathrooms.

Consider a countertop enhancer

With all of the DIY products on the market today, finding a countertop enhancer should be simple. Local hardware stores usually carry them and they can be a sufficient option when you don’t have the money to replace the counters. Countertop enhancers are generally a gel paint that can be applied on top of a countertop. They are typically sold in spray cans and the solution is quite easy to apply. Simply spray it on evenly and wait for the solution to dry. Some of the countertop enhancers are designed to replicate granite. They actually add texture and shine to the counter that you wouldn’t expect from a simple spray on product.

Linoleum instead of tile

Linoleums todays are actually quite attractive. There are even some linoleum floors that are manufactured to replicate hardwood flooring. If you can find high quality linoleum like this, it’s a much cheaper option than purchasing tile. Linoleums are great in bathrooms because they’re water resistant, durable, and long-lasting.

Use an inexpensive tile for the shower walls

Tile can look great when used for shower walls. However, splurging and spending too much money on the tile happens far too often. Inexpensive tiles will look just fine, don’t overspend and break the bank. You can check your local hardware store for affordable tile options.

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